Silicon ZOOM II / Dual OWL850 Test Kit ST

Reference#: 71603
Item#: KIT-Z2S-D285ST


Owl KIT-Z2S-D285ST Multimode Fiber Optic Test Kit

The Silicon ZOOM II / Dual OWL 850 Test Kit is ideal for LAN managers and installers who need to do simple attenuation tests on their multimode networks.

The Silicon ZOOM II (Zeroed Output Optical Meter) is an economical fiber optic power meter designed to provide accurate testing of multimode fiber cables at 850nm wavelength. The 4-digit 7-segment LCD display shows power readings with a resolution of 0.01dB, power units in dBm, dB, or uW, and battery power level. The Silicon ZOOM II comes configured with a 2.5mm universal port* for connection to SC, ST, and other connector types that have a 2.5mm ferrule.

The Dual OWL 850 is an 850nm NIST traceable multimode light source. Its 850nm output is temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements. The Dual OWL 850 KIT-Z2S-D285SC has an SC connector port. Use part # KIT-Z2S-D285ST for ST connectors.

* Note: The Power Meter has a universal 2.5mm port and accepts both SC and ST connectors. The Light Source is specific to the connector type listed on this item (ST connectors).


  • Economical option  for  quick  attenuation  and  loss  testing  of multimode  networks  at  850nm
  • Easy-to-read  4-digit  7-segment  LCD  display
  • Store  reference  values  for  calibrated  wavelengths
  • Intuitive  2-button  interface  on  both  units
  • On-screen wavelength, measurement units, and low battery indicator
  • NIST  tracea


Silicon ZOOM II Optical Power Meter

  • Detector Si
  • NIST Traceable 850nm
  • Wavelengths
  • Additional Factory 650nm, 980nm
  • Calibrated Wavelengths
  • Measurement Range +5 to -60 dBm
  • 1
  • Accuracy ±0.25 dB
  • 1
  • Linearity ±0.20 dB
  • Resolution 0.01 dBm
  • Battery Life up to 250 hours
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
  • NIST Traceable Y es
  • Battery Capacity Display Y es
  • Connector 2.5mm universal port
  • Width 2.75”
  • Height 4.94”
  • Depth 1.28”
  • Weight 154g

Dual OWL850 Multimode Light Source

  • Launch Method LED
  • Connector STor SC
  • Center Wavelength 850 ±20nm
  • Spectral Width (FWHM) 60 nm
  • Output Power -20.0 dBm
  • Initial  Accuracy 0.1 dB
  • Fiber T ype multimode
  • Battery Life 40 hrs.
  • Battery Capacity Display Y es
  • Operating Temperature 0 to 55° C
  • Storage Temperature 0 to 75° C
  • Width 2.75”
  • Height 4.94”
  • Depth 1.28”
  • Weight 154g