Keystone Jacks


Keystone jacks provide versatility and flexibility setting up LAN wiring and communication on your network. These female connectors snap into a mounting plate — typically a wall plate, face plate or patch panel — for use with data cables and cords. Connect Cat cables, telephone cords, optical fiber connectors, USB cables and other low voltage electrical devices with our keystone connectors for networking ports.

A number of keystone snap-in jacks can be mounted to a single plate or panel, allowing users to mount a multitude of cables with different conductors. Furthermore, all keystones are interchangeable, meaning you can arrange your setup to meet your needs without needing anything specially manufactured.


Use keystone modules for both installing and extending phones, modems, computer networks, audio headsets and other office connections. They can be found in a number of styles for audio, video and data transfer.

Cat3, cat5e and cat6 keystone jacks

RJ11 voice keystone jacks
Dynacom Kwik Jacks
Shielded jacks
Security jacks


For large-scale commercial networking and phone installations, these small keystone connectors will give you big connectivity at a price you can afford.

Discount Low Voltage’s staff has decades of experience with low voltage connectors and will help you find the right keystone inserts and tools. We ship nearly all orders within one business day and offer free shipping on qualifying purchases.