Fiber Optic Light Source


The fiber optic light source MM and SM testing tools available at Discount Low Voltage make it easy and affordable to cover all your fiber testing needs. Made by leading manufacturers such as WaveSource and OWL, these testers are available in a variety of styles.

Whichever one you pick, they will help you test your fiber optics more efficiently and economically. All these devices boast superior battery life, meaning you can use them in the field without the hassle and expense of frequent battery changes. One 9V battery typically lasts up to 30 hours.


These handheld fiber optic light source tools are ideal for testing fiber optics systems you have set up to make sure they are working properly. They are also handy for troubleshooting when necessary. 

Choose from many types of single-mode and multimode light sources. Our WaveSource light sources deliver high output and stability, and give you the option of visual fault locators. Their intuitive four-button interface makes them a cinch to use. 

Our OWL multimode and single-mode light sources have easy-to-use two-button interfaces and provide a wide range of options for multimode fiber intensity. They boast high-intensity LEDs that produce intense beams of infrared energy invisible to the eye.

These items typically ship in three business days.


Orders shipped outside the state of California pay no sales tax, and qualifying orders are eligible for free shipping. In addition, we offer very attractive prices on these WaveSource and OWL products.


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