Fiber Optic Light Source

Discount Low Voltage provides fiber optic professionals many options for their testing needs to make sure that fiber optics systems have been set up correctly and are working properly and to troubleshoot when necessary. Our testing equipment includes a big variety of Fiber Optic Single-Mode and Multimode Light Sources. Available from leading manufacturers like WaveSource and OWL, these light sources can help you test more efficiently and economically.

Our WaveSource light sources come configured with your choice of multimode and/or single-mode sources. In addition, you get the option of visual fault locators. Available at an economical price, these WaveSource light sources deliver high output and stability. Their intuitive four-button interface makes them easy to operate. These lightweight, handheld devices boast an extended battery life and will run up to 30 hours on one 9V battery.

We also stock dozens of OWL multimode and single-mode light sources. The Dual OWL multimode light sources are cost-effective, compact, handheld light sources that feature an easy-to-use two button interface. They provide a wide range of options for multimode optical fiber intensity and boast high-intensity LEDS that produce intense beams of infrared energy invisible to the eye.

All the laser OWL single-mode light sources available from Discount Low Voltage provide high output and stability at an affordable price. Just like the dual-mode OWL light sources, they are simple to operate with a two-button interface. All of these handheld devices boast superior battery life, running up to 30 hours on one 9V battery.