K-Sun/Epson LW-PX700 Label Printer Kit

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Item#: LW-PX700PCD


K-Sun/Epson LW-PX700PCD Label Printer Kit
* Must use PX style tape

Next Generation Industrial Labeling Solution

The K-Sun/Epson LW-PX700 label printer is the future of economical and time-saving electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printers.

Professionals prefer LABELWORKS PX and the LW-PX700 — a portable label and wire marker printer with exclusive time- and cost-saving features for creating custom and compliant labels up to 1" (24 mm) wide. Organize tool cribs, identify storage bins, make safety labels, mark cables and wires, tag assets and more. With application-specific hot keys, this easy-to-use label maker offers extraordinary flexibility. Import images and print on the go — the LW-PX700 features Mixed-Length printing for variable length labels on a single half-cut strip and Pick-and-Print for faster print-and-apply in the field. With LABELWORKS PX innovative rollback technology, there’s less lead margin waste as compared to other brands.

Professionals pay attention to detail and demand perfection. That’s why the LW-PX700 is the printer of choice for industrial applications. We designed this printer for the specific needs of electrical, industrial and datacom professionals. Cost-and time-saving features are why professionals buy the LW-PX700. The lifetime warranty, affordable price, lower printing costs and excellent customer service are why professionals love the LW-PX700. We stand behind our products 100%, and you will too!

Epson LW-PX700 Label Printer Highlights:

  • The professional choice — LW-PX700 prints industrial labels and wire markers from 1/8" (4 mm) to 1" (24 mm) wide
  • Less waste and cost — Innovative rollback technology reduces lead margins to 4 mm*, which translates to less cost and waste per print
  • Lifetime warranty — No questions asked
  • Auto full/half-cut — Create strips of uniform or mixed-length labels for ease of printing and application in the field
  • Amazing power — Import and print large batch files from Excel® with easy-to-use Label Editor Professional software
  • Large built-in memory — Create or import up to 100 label designs and custom images
  • Specialty print modes — Application-specific hot keys simplify wire marking and industrial applications
  • Easy to carry — The only portable printer with a built-in handle makes it easy to use anywhere
  • Specialty labels — Heat shrink tube, magnetic tape, self-laminated, glow-in-the-dark, strong adhesive and reflective tapes simplify and diversify supply selection for industrial applications in the facility or field (specialty labels sold separately)

LW-PX700PCD Kit Includes:

  • Epson LW-PX700 Label Printer
  • Label Editor Professional Software (CD)
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • 1 Tape Cartridge (212BWPX)
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 2 removable magnet attachments
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Industrial Hard Plastic Case


Tape Saving Tools:
  • Character space adjustment, Double figures, Margin settings (see below), Text Alignment (left, center, right, justify)
  • Auto tape-rewind reduces lead margin to 4mm on standard industrial labels (specialty label materials have 10mm lead). Batch printing settings from .04 – 19.68″ (1-500mm)
  • Punch Block, Patch Panel, Block-66, Wire Flag, Wire Wrap, Face Plate, Mixed Length, Serialized Numbers, Advanced Serialized Numbers, Symbols, Print Orientation, Margin length, Font, Text Size, Euro-Latin Characters, and Column
Drop-Stop & Pick-and-Print:
  • Prints, cuts, and holds the label until pulled from the printer. Next label in the batch will print automatically afterwards
Mixed-Length (Mix-Len) Label – Cut on Demand:
  • Half cuts multiple, variable-length labels to size in a half-cut strip or full-cut individual labels
Bar Code Formats:
  • EAN 8, EAN 13, Code 39, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF, CodaBar, QR Code
  • 898 industrial and professional symbols for safety, organizing, health, or industry specific labeling
Multi Line Print:
  • Up to 8 lines (with 24mm supplies) in stand-alone mode. More lines are possible when connected to PC.
Number Serialization:
  • Up to 4 digits (0 to 9), Alphabet (A to Z), (a to z)
Assign Sequence Number:
  • For Block labels
Import Data:
  • Yes
Print Rotation:
  • Horizontal, vertical, and mirror (backwards printing)
Foreign Languages:
  • Menu prompts for users in German, Portuguese-EU, Portuguese-Brazil, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Danish, Turkish
Foreign Language Characters:
  • 179 Accent Letters such as À,Á,Â,Ã,Ä,Å,Æ in upper and lower case with recall positioning for ease of data entry
  • Built-in handle, balanced QWERTY Keyboard, and front-load cartridge design
  • Internal flash memory can store up to 100 files
Auto-Tape Detection:
  • Detects end of tape cartridge. Will continue to print from most recent label printed once new supply has been loaded


Machine Dimensions:
  • Approx. 136 (W) x 298 (D) x 90 (H) (mm)
Machine Weight
  • 2.4 lbs.
Print Resolution
  • 180 dpi thermal transfer
Max Print Speed
  • 30mm/sec with adapter; 30mm/sec with Li-ion battery
Tape Cutter
  • Automatic with half-cut function
  • Back-lit monochrome LCD, 140 x 80 dot, flip-up front loading cover. Shows: Print preview, tape-type, label length, label width, battery life, text size, auto-cut (on/off), and label format.
  • Industrial Grade, High Impact Plastic Housing (meets MIL-STD 810 “drop” test specifications)
Auto Tape Detect
  • Confirms tape type and size.
Auto Power-off
  • After 5 minutes (stand-alone mode), 1 hour (PC connected)
Power Supply
  • AC Adapter (100-240V/ 50-60 Hz/ 900mA)/Li-ion rechargeable/6 AA Alkaline batteries
Power Output
  • 15+- 5% [V]
  • Label Editor Professional for Windows® 10*, 8.1, 8, 7 (*upgrade will be available)
  • USB 2.0
  • Energy Star, BC, FCC
Operating Temperature
  • 5° – 35° C, (14° – 95° F)
Storage Temperature
  • -10° – 55° C, (14° – 131° F)
  • Lifetime