Magnepull - Magnetic Wire Fishing System

Reference#: 71684
Item#: MA-XP1000-LC


The MagnePull XP1000-LC Magnetic Wire Fishing System uses magnets to help you get a cable through hard-to-fish areas such as drywall. It can also be used to run wire under carpet and through walls without having to disassemble or move them. And it works well for retrieving lost tools in a pinch. The MagnePull Wire Fisher is great for home theater, DataComm, CCTV, access control, cable, satellite, alarm, electrical and many other types of installations where wire fishing is necessary.
The latest version of the MagnePull has an improved magnet retriever design with 30 percent more pulling strength than the previous model. It couples with the cable-pulling device to pull your wires through walls from attics, crawl spaces and ceilings to wherever they need to be terminated. This can reduce cable installation time by up to 70 percent.
If you need to run cables and wires through tight, narrow spaces, the MagnePull Wire Fisher will save you time and headaches. It comes complete with the tools and accessories you need to fish your lines like a professional angler.
What You Get: 
Molded carry case
Bullet magnet with leader
Jack chain
Instructional video
The MagnePull ships the same business day on all orders placed before 2 p.m. PST and is eligible for free shipping when part of a qualifying purchase. We have other options, including magnets, ropes, rods and poles, on our Wire Fishing page.
Discount Low Voltage is here to help you with wire fishing and tool retrieval by providing the best products, prices and service. Professional installers and home users can both afford the MagnePull Magnetic Wire Pull System — especially when you consider the time saved on installs.
Our team of wiring experts is available to answer questions about this wire fishing tool and to help you place your order. Make sure to download and read the instruction manual before you start using the MagnePull so you’ll know how everything works.

Warning: Due to the extremely high-strength magnetic properties of the MagnePull, this device can damage objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields. Be sure to use adequate safety measures when using this product.


Magnepull XP1000-LC Features:

- New magnet design with 30% more pulling strength
- Reduces cable fishing time by 70%
- Can be used horizontally and vertically allowing easy control of your wires to the outlet
- Pulls easily and effectively through insulated or non-insulated walls and under carpet
- Developed for commercial and residential applications
- Reduces time spent in the attic
- Eliminates the need of carrying a stud finder
- Allows for installation in confined spaces
- No more wall damage due to misplaced holes
- Includes instructional video
- 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
- Made in the USA