The Magnespot - Reference Point Locator

Reference#: 71685
Item#: MA-XR1000-K2


XR1000 Magnespot

The Magnespot is an easy to use reference point locator that will help prevent unwanted holes in ceilings and walls as well as speed up installations.

Attach the reference marker at the desired location. The reference marker may be attached using the insertion pin or the reusable adhesive that is provided in the kit.

In the attic simply move the Reference Point Locator in a sweeping motion close to the assumed position of Reference Marker. When the Reference Point Locator is within 3 to 4 inches of the Reference Marker, the Reference Point Locator will gave you an audible and visual indication.


  • Locates Position Through Walls and Floors
  • Quick Attic Reference Locator