Mini 5C Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Kit w/Cleaver

Reference#: 76409


The Mini C5 Fusion Splicer is designed with FTTx in mind. The awesome portability and reliability will give you extreme convenience anywhere you take it. With it's super fast heating and splicing time you'll be home for dinner.

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What's Included:

- MiniSeries Splicer
- Precision Cleaver w/ Auto Bin
- Cleaver Soft Case
- Two Battery Packs
- Cooling Tray
- Fiber Holders (1pr) (4S,5C,6S)
- Fiber Holders (3pr-1f,6f,12f) (12R)
- Shoulder Strap
- Thermal Stripper (All kits)
- Manual Stripper
- Universal SOC Holder (2)
- SOC Heater Block
- USB to Mini HDMI Cable
- Power cord / AC Adapter
- Car Charger
- Phillips Screwdriver
- FiberFox Splice Sleeves
- Spare Electrodes (pair)
- Sweeper Brush
- Scrubber Brush (12R)
- Facial Brush (12R)
- Yellow Hard Case
- Soft Cover User Manual
- Operation Manual CD