Multimode 62.5/125 Fiber Cable

Discount Low Voltage carries an outstanding selection of Multimode 62.5/125 Indoor and Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable, enabling you to find the right product for just about any application. Whether you are looking for direct burial fiber optic cable or just about any other type, we can get it to you fast at discounted prices. Because we have invested thousands of dollars in cable-cutting machinery, we can also cut your cables to length. That means you buy only what you need and no more, resulting in even greater savings and efficiency for your business.
When you shop our multimode 62.5/125 fiber optic cable, you can select from scores of products made by the best manufacturers in the business, like AFL and Corning. We also back everything we sell with our guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

For indoor use, we have everything from economical basic six-fiber cables that are compact, lightweight and robust as well as interlocking armored cables for extra durability and crush resistance. You’ll find everything from six-fiber to 24-fiber indoor cables here.

Discount Low Voltage also offers a big selection of indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables. These can do double duty indoors or outdoors, where they provide resistance to UV radiation and fungus.
If you’re looking for direct buried fiber optic cable, look no further. We have direct-bury fiber optic cable to fit just about any task. These loose-tube gel-free cables give stable, reliable transmission for many applications, such as voice, data, video and imaging. They are built to resist the damaging effects of moisture and other environmental hazards.

In addition, we offer aerial/burial in duct fiber optic cable as well as figure-eight cable and duplex and simplex patch cord fiber. Wondering what’s best for your application? Just give us a call toll-free or shoot us an email. Our staff of experts will get you quick, helpful answers.