Multimode 62.5 Pre-Terminated Fiber

Offering high capacity and dependable durability, multimode fiber optics are a prime choice in buildings and on campuses for short-distance data transmission. At Discount Low Voltage, we offer you a huge selection of Indoor and Outdoor Multimode 62.5 Pre-Terminated Optical Fiber Assemblies.
Besides saving you money with our low prices, we can also save you time, hassle and labor with these pre-terminated multimode fiber optic cables. In fact, these pre-terminated cables can save you up to 75 percent on your installation time. They offer you a full plug-and-play solution.

We can assemble these to your job specifications. They’re inspected and tested before we ship them, and we include test results with your cable. A pulling eye is built on to protect your connectors when pulling through conduit and interduct. Since we’ve been pre-terminating cables for more than 10 years and have sold more than 15,000 pre-terminated assemblies to satisfied customers, you can count on us to do it right — a promise we back up with our guarantee of your total satisfaction.

You’ll find multimode 62.5 pre-terminated assemblies for virtually any application here. Available with LC, ST or ST connectors on both ends, our indoor non-armored assemblies provide a sensible, economical solution for many applications in buildings.

For tougher indoor applications, check out our indoor armored 62.5 pre-terminated assemblies. We also carry lots of indoor/outdoor non-armored 62.5 pre-terminated assemblies that provide flexibility for use outside or inside as well as outdoor armored direct burial/ aerial and ADSS self-supporting aerial 62.5 pre-terminated assemblies for the most demanding use outdoors. For a small additional charge, we will be happy to add an extra pulling eye to these pre-terminated fibers.
We have cables and assemblies to fit virtually any application, for everything from building applications, wireless and 10-gigabit Ethernet, to mining, oil and gas uses. Not sure which cable is best for your application? No worries. Just call us toll-free or email us for answers you can trust.