Specified Technologies NEZ33 EZ Path Smoke and Acoustical Pathway (Device Only)

Reference#: 73421
Item#: NEZ33


EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway

Manage and protect your cables. Clean up your walls. Say goodbye to unsightly holes that transmit smoke, noise and odor.

This new addition to the EZ-Path® family will improve the way cables are pulled through barriers. The original EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway is the perfect choice for fire-rated construction (including smoke barriers, a particular type of smoke resistant barrier that carries a fire rating). The new EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway can be used throughout the rest of the non-rated barriers (including smoke partitions, a non-rated smoke resistant construction). Eliminate metal sleeves, protect sensitive cables, make easy cable moves, additions and changes without the need to remove or replace sealant, putty or foam, or open and close a sleeve with the EZ-Path® System.

For Non-Rated Construction: EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway allows for easy, smooth cable changes while offering maximum cable protection and management. In addition to air, environmental and smoke sealing, the EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway offers exceptional acoustical performance while maintaining a clean, engineered appearance.

For Smoke Partitions: EZ-Path® Smoke & Acoustical Pathway allows for easy, smooth cable changes without the need for caulk or putty while maintaining excellent acoustical performance. Managing and protecting your cables in smoke partitions is now easier than ever thanks to its clean, engineered design and easy installation!

Designed for easy installation in non-rated floors and walls, these pathways have been tested and approved cable capacities ranging from 0 to 100% visual fill. In these installations, the device does not require mechanical attachment to either the wall or the wall framing and may be installed after the wallboard has been installed. With it’s split body design, the device can be easily disassembled and installed around previously installed cables in existing construction.

EZ-Path® NEZ33 Smoke & Acoustical Pathway provides exceptional cable capacity. A single unit installed in a wall exceeds the cable carrying capacity of a 4” (102 mm) sleeve utilizing typical putty firestop systems (35% cable loading). Multiple ganged devices utilizing available duplex, or quad wall plates provide additional capacity or segregation of cables by use, type, installer or vendor as desired.


  • Easy to install - can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • Zero Maintenance - easy adds, moves and changes
  • Pathway adjusts to accommodate wall and floor thicknesses between 4” (102 mm) & 8” (203 mm)
  • Excellent acoustical performance & low smoke leakage ratings
  • Pathways can be ganged for additional capacity
  • Integrated flange
  • Protects sensitive cables while maintaining a clear pathway
  • Blue color allows for easy visual reference
  • Clean, engineered appearance
  • Specification

  • Shell Composition: V-O High Impact ABS/PC Thermoplastic
  • Seal & Curtain: Flame Retardant Neoprene Rubber
  • Cable Loading Area: 6.7 in2
  • Wall Area Required (ft2 / Device): .167 ft2
  • Sample Cable Volume (Cat 5): 130
  • In-Service Temp.: 130ºF
  • Storage Temp.: Less than 1200F (490C)
  • Shelf Life: No Limit
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