26 Pin Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470)


The ConnPro 26-Pin mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) cables available from Discount Low Voltage offer you yet one more high-speed connectivity solution. Dependable and durable, these SFF 8470 to SFF 8088 SAS cables provide high-speed data storage interfaces designed for high throughput and fast data access. Choose from a variety of lengths to suit your application.


Our ConnPro 26-Pin mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) cables have been designed primarily for data storage centers. The SAS interface is backwards compatible with SATA, permitting mixture of more expensive, lower-capacity SAS drives with those that require faster data access with a lower cost. Products include:

• 26-Pin Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) 1 Meter 
• 26-Pin Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) 2 Meter
• 26-Pin Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) 4 Meter
• 26-Pin Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to 4X SAS (SFF-8470) 6 Meter

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