Media Converters

Discount Low Voltage offers a variety of fiber optic media converters, ensuring you’ll find the best solution for your performance needs within your budget. We offer managed, unmanaged, unmanaged multichannel and serial data to Ethernet device servers.

Our selection of unmanaged media converters work for campus networks, LAN workgroups, fiber-to-the-premises and fiber-to-the-desktop applications. These unmanaged media converters handle numerous tasks including connecting many different types of cables and increasing the distances over which your network connections will work. The unmanaged media converters at Discount Low Voltage can lengthen the lifespan of any legacy equipment and wiring you have in use by allowing for the connection of multiple cable types.
You can use our managed media converters to easily create the connections you need. Our managed media converters can extend signals when running Ethernet over VDSL. These media converters provide network integration solutions for network administrators, allowing them to monitor performance of large networks including networks that exist across multiple locations.

Our unmanaged multichannel media converters will work for large installations that use the same type of media converters. Our products offer a maximum number of media converter channels per rack giving enterprise businesses the performance levels they need.
We also offer serial data to Ethernet device servers/media converters for those businesses that need to integrate serial data devices into an Ethernet-based network. These devices convert serial data from one port into Ethernet and Fast Ethernet framed and formatted packets.
If you’re unsure which product is right for your needs, the personalized and knowledgeable customer service center at Discount Low Voltage will help you figure out which fiber optic media converters you need. We offer the variety of products needed to ensure you’ll receive the most benefits at the lowest price.
At Discount Low Voltage our experienced and personalized customer service team prides itself on supplying you with the information you need for selecting the correct fiber optic media converters to meet your needs. Let our professionals help you find just the right products, all while providing a great value.
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