High Speed Connectivity Solutions


High Speed Data Center Cable for:

  • Enterprise Storage/Server
  • Enterprise Network Switching

High Speed Cable Configurations

  • Passive/Active Copper
  • Active Fiber Optic

Support for High Bandwidth Protocols


  • PCI Express (Up to Gen.3)
  • SAS (Up to SAS 3.0)
  • Infiniband (Up to IB EDR)
  • FCoE (Up to FC32)

Network Switching

  • Ethernet (Up to 100G)
  • STP
  • FCP

Multiple Internal/External Configurations


  • SATA
  • SAS
  • Mini SAS SFF8087/SFF8088
  • Mini SAS HD SFF8643/SFF8644

Network Switching

  • SFP+
  • SFP28
  • QSFP+
  • QSFP28

Same Day Shipping – Custom Configurations in 1-2 Weeks

Call us right now to order these state of the art high speed cable solutions customized for your data center needs. Standard lengths ship the same day. Custom configurations available in 1-2 weeks. You won’t beat our combination of service and value pricing. (888) 797-3697

Discount Low Voltage’s high speed connectivity solution products provide the highest quality cable and connectivity solutions for network switching, storage, data centers and high bandwidth protocols.

We offer enterprise storage/server and enterprise network switching solutions for data centers. Our high speed cable configurations include passive/active copper as well as active fiber optic. Such solutions offer the best cost per Gb and can easily scale as technology advances.

Our high data rate connectivity solutions provide support for the industry standard protocols needed for your high data rate networks. SAS 3.0, IB EDR, FCoE protocols provide the bandwidth you need to ensure stability and performance of your network/storage needs.

Our high speed connectivity products support backward compatibility for older protocols including SSP/SMP, STP and FCP.

We support both internal and external configurations. The storage and server protocols we support include SATA, SAS, Mini SAS (SFF8087/SFF8088) and Mini SAS HD (SFF8643/SFF8644). The internal/external configurations our products support for network switching include SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+ and QSFP28.

We offer same day shipping on in-stock products. Additionally, we will customize state of the art high speed cable solutions for your enterprise. Just contact our knowledgeable customer service professionals for information on the customized solutions we can provide. Our customized solutions will be ready for you in one to two weeks.

Discount Low Voltage’s personalized customer service ensures that you can find the correct products to meet your bandwidth needs. And because we only offer the highest quality of products, you’ll receive the network/storage/HPC performance levels you need.

At Discount Low Voltage, we pride ourselves on providing information so you can make the right decision for your high speed connectivity needs. Our experienced customer service team will develop standard or custom configurations to meet your needs all at a tremendous price. Let our professionals help you find just the right high performance connectivity products for your needs.