Industrial Ethernet

For operations in rough industrial settings you’ll need heavy duty Ethernet hardware that can survive challenging environments. Discount Low Voltage offers a complete collection of industrial Ethernet switches, converters, modules and DIN-rail mount power supplies and DIN-rail rack mounts to outfit your high speed networking and data transfer needs – no matter what conditions you encounter.

The industrial-grade Ethernet switches are rated to handle all kinds of tough environmental conditions, including vibrations and sudden movements. The heavy duty Ethernet components from Discount Low Voltage work in automated factories, industrial settings, intelligent transportation systems, oil and gas environments and mining operations.

Discount Low Voltage’s collection of 
industrial Ethernet switches includes models from Signamax and Intellinet. The vast collection of switches we offer includes a variety of port configurations. You will find the hardware your network needs.
Additionally, our industrial DIN-rail mount power supplies offer power ranging from 30 - 240 Watts, ensuring you can find the exact product to meet your needs. These power supplies will provide clean DC power for equipment that needs to operate in tough environmental and industrial conditions, regardless of whether the input power is AC or DC and regardless of the voltage input range.

If your network must withstand tough weather conditions, including extreme temperature variations, look for our hardened parts. These industrial Ethernet parts work well for networking applications in marine environments or other outdoor settings. Hardened components typically will work in operating temperature ranges of -40 to 75 Celsius, although the performance levels of individual products may vary slightly.

Discount Low Voltage’s knowledgeable customer service personnel provide all the help you need in putting together a heavy duty network. The friendly customer service representatives have information on the right components for your setup and will provide accurate delivery dates. You’ll receive the best value in your industrial Ethernet switches and other hardened networking gear from Discount Low Voltage.