OWL SC 850nm Multimode, NIST traceable, -20dBm

Reference#: 72169
Item#: OW-DO2-85SC


The Dual OWL 850 is a cost effective, compact, handheld light source.  The temperature compensated outputs are calibrated to couple -20dBm  of optical power into multimode fiber.  The light source is offered with a single 850nm source installed, and can be easily upgraded to include a 1300nm source. 

The source is simple to operate with an intuitive 2-button interface.  One button controls power, and the other selects the output wavelength.  LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery power is sufficient to maintain the calibrated output power.


Output Power
  • -20 dBm into multimode
Initial  Accuracy
  • +/- .10dB @ 25 C
NIST traceable calibrated wavelength
  • 850nm
Center Wavelength
  • 850nm +30 /-10 nm
Spectral Width
  • 60nm @ 850nm
T ypical 1 hour drift (dB)
  • .05@850nm
  • 4.94 x 2.75 x 1.28 in