OWL ST 850/1300nm Multimode, NIST traceable

Reference#: 72172
Item#: OW-DO2ST


The Dual OWL is a cost effective, compact, handheld light source.  The temperature compensated outputs are calibrated to couple -20dBm of optical power into multimode fiber.  The light source comes installed with the two most commonly used multimode wavelengths 850nm and 1300nm.  The source has an intuitive two-button interface one button for turning  the  unit ON or OFF and the other for wavelength selection.  LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery power is sufficient to maintain the calibrated  output  power.  Dual OWL series fiber optic light sources offer exceptional value at an economical price.  These LED-based sources provide the fiber optic installer with a stable output when testing multimode fiber  optic runs.  The Dual OWL combines an 850nm and a 1300nm LED into one light source to provide the widest range of options for multimode optical fiber testing. High intensity LEDs such as the ones in Dual OWL light sources produce intense beams of infrared energy that are invisible to the eye


  • Stable temperature compensated LED sources
  • Contains both commonly used multimode wavelengths: 850 and 1300nm
  • Available with  either  ST  or  SC  fiber  connectors  (replace ‘xx’ at end of part number with ST or SC to specify connector type)
  • Extended  battery  life- up to 30 hours on one 9v battery
  • Combination  selected  source/Low  battery indicator LEDs
  • Simple  two-button operation
  • NIST traceable
  • Very economically priced


Output Power

  • -20 dBm into multimode

Initial  Accuracy

  • +/- .10dB @ 25 C

NIST traceable calibrated wavelengths

  • 850nm, 1300nm

Center Wavelength

  • 850nm +30 /-10 nm
  • 1300nm +/- 50nm

Spectral Width

  • 60nm @ 850nm
  • 180nm @ 1300nm

T ypical 1 hour drift (dB)

  • .05@850nm .05@1300nm


  • 4.94 x 2.75 x 1.28 in