OWL FC 1310nm SingleMode, NIST traceable, -10dBm, FP laser source

Reference#: 72178
Item#: OW-LO2-13FC


The Laser OWL 1310 singlemode laser  source provides high output and stability in an economical price.    The  laser  diode uses a temperature compensated output and is calibrated to couple -10dBm of optical power into singlemode fiber.  The source is simple to operate with an intuitive 2-button interface one button to  control power and the other to select output  wavelength.  LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery power is sufficient to maintain the calibrated output power.  The Laser OWL1310 is a laser-based light source designed to test singlemode fiber optic links.  The LED indicator shows whether the unit is ON or OFF , and whether the battery has enough power to maintain its calibrated output power.  Its 1310nm light source provides stabilized testing that conforms to international testing standards.  Lasers such as the ones in Laser OWL 1310 light sources produce intense beams of infrared energy that are invisible to the eye.


  • Optically  stabilized  FP  laser  source  with  1310nm  output  wavelength
  • SC,  ST ,  or  FC  fiber  connectors
  • Extended  battery  life  -  up  to  30  hours  on  one  9v  battery
  • Combination  selected  source  /  Low  battery  indicator  LEDs
  • Intuitive  2-button  operation
  • NIST  traceable
  • Very  economically  priced