OWL ST, 850 / 1300 nm (MM),650 nm Visual Fault Locator (SM)

Reference#: 72201


WaveSource series light  sources provide the  fiber  optic professional with  a  wide  range  of  options  for  their  testing  needs. The WaveSource comes configured with your choice of multimode and/or single-mode sources.   Multimode only and single-mode only sources  also  have  the  option  of  having  a  Visual  Fault  Locator  (VFL).  WaveSource series light  sources provide high output and stability at an  economical  price.    The  sources  provide  temperature-compensated outputs, and have an intuitive 4-button interface with controls  for  power,  transmission  mode,  wavelength,  and  auto-test mode.   LED indicators highlight the selected source and verify that battery  power  is  sufficient  to  maintain the  calibrated  output  power.  When used  with  a  WaveT ester  optical  power  meter,  the  auto-test function  of  the  WaveSource  will  allow  auto-wavelength  switching  and
auto-storage  of  test  points,  saving  valuable  test  time


  • Temperature-stabilized  sources
  • Multimode and/or  single-mode  versions  available
  • Optional integrated  Visual  Fault Locator (VFL) for multimode only or single-mode  only  versions
  • SC  or  ST  fiber  connectors
  • Extended  battery  life  -  up  to  30  hrs  on  one  9v  battery
  • Combination  selected  source  /  Low  battery  indicator  LEDs
  • Intuitive  4-button  interface
  • Continuous  Wave  (CW)  or  modulated mode
  • NIST  traceable
  • Hand-held
  • Very  economically  priced


Output Power

  • -20 dBm (multimode), -10 dBm (singlemode)

Initial Accuracy

  • +/- .10dB @ 25 C

NIST traceable

  • 850nm, 1300nm (multimode)

calibrated wavelengths

  • 1310nm, 1550nm (singlemode)

Center Wavelength

  • 850nm +30 / -10 nm (LED)
  • 1300nm +/- 50nm (LED)
  • 1310nm +/- 20nm (Laser)
  • 1550nm +/- 30nm (Laser)

Spectral Width

  • 50nm @ 850nm (LED)
  • 180nm @ 1300nm (LED)
  • 2nm @ 1310nm (Laser)
  • 2nm @ 1550nm (Laser)

Operating Temperature

  • -20 to +70 C

Storage Temperature

  • -40 to +85 C