Open-Closed Circuit Tracers

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Ideal Circuit Tracer Kit 61-955


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Price: $1,097.00

Additional per foot: $1,097.00


Ideal Circuit Tracer Kit 61-957


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Price: $1,197.00

Additional per foot: $1,197.00

In the days before modern equipment, electricians had to physically follow electrical wires to find problems and faults. This process was not only time consuming, it was also dangerous. With today’s technology, electricians’ jobs are made much easier and safer through state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as circuit tracers.
Circuit tracers are hand-held devices that use electromagnetic sensory equipment to find wires through walls and locate potential problems without the electrician having to physically see the wire. This eliminates time spent wire tracing, increasing both accuracy, safety and efficiency on the job.

Discount Low Voltage carries brand-name, open-closed circuit tracers perfect for electrical tracing applications in both homes and businesses. Read on to learn more about the many benefits and features of our available circuit tracers and order yours from our team today!

Portable and Powerful Circuit Tracing

The brand-name circuit tracers in our inventory here at Discount Low Voltage are designed with state-of-the-art searching hardware with built-in sensitivity adjustment for locating wires of all kinds hidden inside walls. Plus, they’re portable and run on easy-to-replace AA batteries. Even at such a small size, our AA-powered circuit tracers have been shown to provide up to four times the tracing power of 9-volt alternatives currently on the market.

Affordable Circuit Tracing at Discount Low Voltage

At Discount Low Voltage, we are committed to providing our customers with industry’s best circuit-tracing products at some of the internet’s lowest prices. Not only that, but each of our brand-name circuit tracers is backed with our 100 percent guarantee, fast and free shipping (on qualified orders) and our unwavering customer support team. Find the right product for your electrical needs in our inventory and order with us today!