Open Frame Wall Mount Racks


Open-frame wall mount server racks are a practical solution for network, telecom, A/V and other computer setups in small spaces. Wall-mount racks and patch panels are often used for smaller applications when there isn’t the space or equipment for a standalone server room. Installing an open-frame data rack provides a space to store devices while leaving them accessible and ventilated.

Attach one of these server racks to the wall of your IT closet or office, classroom or store, and add shelves for arranging computers, switches, routers, projectors, patch panels and other devices. An adjustable wall mount data rack also has slots or holes to run cables, wires and ties for easy organization.


There are an assortment of open-frame wall mount server rack styles and sizes available. Consider one today for a limited-space environment to make equipment management more convenient.

Swing-out open-frame wall racks

Modular wall mount racks
Vertical wall racks
V-line open-frame fixed racks
Pivot frame wall mount racks
Side load racks


When you need to organize your computer or telecom equipment, look to wall-mount data racks from leading brands to save space and money.

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