Outdoor Cable Low Voltage

For projects that call for a trip underground, Discount Low Voltage has a wide selection of outdoor low voltage direct burial cables. They may vary in their use, but our cables never vary in their quality.
Both Cat5e and Cat6a cables get a chance to shine in the great outdoors. You can order by the foot or by the reel. Many can be cut to your particular length requirements – save on excess cable costs. Some are gel-filled for added moisture protection.
A wide selection of cables are available for use between telephone poles, for direct-burial or for installation in conduit.
High quality and low voltage make our outdoor audio cables great for high-end audio transmission. Crush and UV-resistant, these cables are excellent for direct burial.
Our direct burial coaxial cables are ideal for running security cameras. With Siamese cables you can run both video and power to your setup on a single cable. Siamese cables are available for outdoor, underground, or conduit use with UV-resistant jackets.

The figure-8 telephone cables cheat the “burial” aspect and go all aerial by including a messenger support structure. This cable’s insulated conductors are twisted to minimize crosstalk.

Our low voltage circuit cables, like the underground lighting cable, are built to be sunlight resistant and can handle extreme temperatures. Shop now in 8 to 18 gauge.
Don’t forget accessories like bolts, clamps, ties and more. Guy wires are an important support and safety feature, as are grounding kits, which act as a crucial bonding spot between power and the communications grounding system. So, before you check out, make sure you have everything you need for your ideal project set-up. Free shipping on orders over $200.