Tempo (Greenlee) PE2003-G Pulser Fault Locator

Reference#: 70817
Item#: GR-PE2003-G


The Tempo (Greenlee) Model PE2003-G Ground Fault Locator is based on the earth gradient principle. It will find the precise location of a path to ground fault in any buried wire or cable. Broken insulation, severed cable, and other buried cable faults with ground leakage can be easily and accurately located with the PE2003-G Ground Fault Locator.

A. Transmitter
The transmitter voltage is provided by a self-contained rechargeable gel-cell type battery. This voltage is applied to the output leads briefly every few seconds as indicated by the internal beeper, which also indicates the battery condition. Charging the transmitter battery is necessary and advisable for maximum battery life, when the beeper tone becomes weak. Use the AC charger to recharge from a 120 VAC outlet. Overnight charging (12 to 16 hours) is advisable. The Pulser transmitter may also be charged by using the 12 volt automotive system cigarette lighter adapter supplied.

B. Receiver
The receiver indicates the polarity and intensity of minute currents with a center zero meter. It has an on/off sensitivity control and a battery check button to examine the condition of the replaceable 9 volt battery.

C. Theory
The transmitter pulses between the faulted conductor and ground.This establishes a DC current flow down the cable, through the fault to ground, and back through the ground to the transmitter ground stake. The current flow through the earth is measured by probing the ground along the cable path with the receiver “A” Frame. Since the current is directional, the receiver meter pulses or kicks with each transmitter pulse in the direction of the fault.The fault will be located midway between the receiver “A” Frame probes when the receiver meter indication nulls.


- Multiple faults on a single wire can be identified, indicating the need to replace instead of repair.

- Extra-long test leads feature heavy-duty alligator clips for use on multiple cable types.

- Includes a rechargeable transmitter, receiver, A-frame, ground stake, 120 V charger and a 12V DC (cigarette lighter) adapter.

- Battery operated: (1) 12V and (1) 9V battery included.

- Molded carrying case included

- 1-year limited warranty


Greenlee PE2003-G Specifications:

Power Requirements: Transmitter: (1) 12V rechargeable battery; Receiver: (1) 9V battery

Battery Life: Transmitter: 23 hours per charge; Receiver: 200 hours

Transmitter Power: 2400VDC peak

Voltage Protection: 240VAC/400VDC

Construction: Transmitter - aluminum housing in polyethylene case; Receiver - powder coated aluminum

Dimensions: Transmitter - 17" x 8.5" x 6.5" (421 x 215 x 160mm) ; Receiver - 33.5" x 21.75" x 3.25" (840 x 550 x 8mm) on A-frame

Weight: 12.5lbs
Replacement Part Numbers:

2000H- Transmitter (Includes CH1 & CH2)

200R- Receiver

AF2- A-Frame

CH1- AC Charger

CH2- DC Charger