Dynacom 4P4C Plug for Handset Cord (bag of 100) 400P-44

Reference#: 72513
Item#: PLUG-558


The 4P4C connector (4 position, 4 contacts; popularly, but incorrectly, called RJ22, RJ10, or RJ9), is the de facto industry standard for wired telephone handsets. It is used to provide connection from the base of the telephone to the handset. RJ stands for Registered Jack.

For wiring such as RJA1X, RJA2X, RJA3X, RJ37X, RJ31X, RJ14, RJ25, RJ61, T568A, T568B, RJ11C, RJ11W, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14, RJ16, RJ17, RJ18, RJ19, RJ25, RJ31, RJ32, RJ33, RJ34, RJ35, RJ36, RJ37, RJ38, RJ41, RJ42, RJ43, RJ45, RJ46, RJ47, RJ48, RJ1DC, RJ71C, RJA1X, RJA2X and 110 WIRING COLOR KEY