Dynacom RJ45 8P8C Modular Plug for Flat Satin (Bag of 100) 400P-88

Reference#: 72516
Item#: PLUG-562


8 position-8 conductor silver satin plug. This plug is for stranded cable.

For wiring such as RJA1X, RJA2X, RJA3X, RJ37X, RJ31X, RJ14, RJ25, RJ61, T568A, T568B, RJ11C, RJ11W, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14, RJ16, RJ17, RJ18, RJ19, RJ25, RJ31, RJ32, RJ33, RJ34, RJ35, RJ36, RJ37, RJ38, RJ41, RJ42, RJ43, RJ45, RJ46, RJ47, RJ48, RJ1DC, RJ71C, RJA1X, RJA2X and 110 WIRING COLOR KEY