AFL Fiber Storage Units for ADSS Fiber Optic Cable (1 pair)

Reference#: 68203
Item#: AF-FA000050


AFL Fiber Storage Units (FSU) are used to conveniently store an extra length of cable along the ADSS cable run for later use. Furnished as pairs (kit contains two Fiber Storage Units and two sets of hanger brackets), these FSUs are constructed from UV stabilized PPE thermoplastic. 

All basic hardware for attachment to the ADSS cable is provided. ADSS cable mount support brackets meet Telcordia® specifications. Epoxy coated clamping devices meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695. The "TP" mounting bracket features an angled, tent-profile, epoxy-coated bracket for standard ADSS cable mounting.

* AF-FA000050 is the new Item # (replaces AF-POS18-AD-4010)


Small profile and side facing channel minimizes ice and leaf loading Constructed from UV stabilized PPE thermoplastic Basic hanging hardware (bolts, nuts, washers) and strand clamps all included Tie-wrap slots for securing cable Epoxy-coated strand clamps