Erico PYRAMID ST Rooftop Bridge Assembly 30" x 5.6" PSB30A (must order in multiples of 2)

Reference#: 73584
Item#: PSB30A


CADDY® PYRAMID rooftop supports are a surface mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces. They offer superior load capacity and dramatically reduce installation time by replacing slow, heavy and labor intensive methods for support of pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment.

Unlike wood blocks, CADDY PYRAMID supports are specifically designed for rooftop applications, incorporating unique materials and finishes that protect roof membranes and provide superior corrosion protection.

Note: This item MUST be ordered in multiples of 2. Quantity in Cart must be an even number, not an odd number. Price shown above is for 1 "kit" which includes 2 Base Pieces and 1 steel support.


  • Ideal for supporting multiple pipe runs, cable tray and air handling units
  • Foam bottom offers low abrasion interface for better roof membrane protection
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam
  • Provides superior load distribution, even with varying rooftop surfaces
  • Ready to use out of the box, saving installation time and labor
  • Multiple sizes and load ratings offer the ability to tailor the solution to the application
  • Hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long lasting performance
  • Supports green building requirements; thermoplastic bases are made from recycled material and can contribute to earning LEED credits
  • Specification

  • Part Number: PSB30A
  • Material: Polyethylene Polypropylene Steel
  • Finish: Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Temperature: -50 to 150 °F
  • Static Load Safety Factor: 3:1
  • Length 1 (L1): 30"
  • Length 2 (L2): 32 1/2"
  • Height (H): 5.6"
  • Width (W): 8"
  • Surface Area: 184 in²
  • Unit Weight: 6 lb
  • Static Load (F): 2,000 lb
  • Standard Packaging Quantity: 2 pc (priced individually, sold in quantities of 2)
  • UPC: 78285684318
  • EAN-13: 8711893138979