Erico PYRAMID ST Fixed Strut Support 10" x 4.8" PSF10C

Reference#: 70388
Item#: PSF10C


Erico Caddy® PYRAMID rooftop supports are a surface-mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces. They offer superior load capacity and dramatically reduce installation time by replacing slow, heavy and labor-intensive methods for support of pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment. Unlike wood blocks, Caddy PYRAMID supports are specifically designed for rooftop applications, incorporating unique materials and finishes that protect roof membranes and provide superior corrosion protection.

Using an ST fixed strut base provides superior support for pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment. The Caddy PYRAMID 10-inch by 4.8-inch support is compatible with most common roof surfaces, including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam. It’s made of durable, light polyethylene and polypropylene thermoplastics mixed with steel. This composition supports green building requirements as well — the thermoplastic bases are made from recycled material and can contribute to earning LEED credits.

The design of the Erico PYRAMID fixed strut provides superior load distribution, even with varying rooftop surfaces. It has a static load of 1,000 pounds to support heavy objects and cable runs. The outer surface is hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long-lasting performance. A foam bottom offers low abrasion interface for better roof membrane protection. Ready to use out of the box, saving installation time and labor.

Using fixed rooftop supports from Discount Low Voltage is an effective way to make your roof safe for cable runs, cameras and antennas. Multiple sizes and load ratings are in stock that offer the ability to tailor the solution to the application. You can see more PYRAMID ST struts on our Rooftop Supports page. Most orders arrive within five business days and are easy to transport to the roof so you can set up your pathways or pipes.

Most stores sell the Erico Caddy PYRAMID in packs of 10, but we know you don’t always need that many for a project. Discount Low Voltage offers these strut supports individually at wholesale prices, so you can just get one or two and not have a bunch of them lying around. But, if you do need a full pack or more, we have bulk discounts and free shipping on qualifying orders to help you save.

Learn more about the Caddy PYRAMID in our product video below or by downloading the manufacturer spec sheet. Call our support team toll-free during business hours for answers to all your questions.