PoE Power Injectors

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Intellinet 1-Port PoE Injector


Base Price: $

Price: $23.99

Additional per foot: $23.99

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Intellinet PoE+ Splitter


Base Price: $

Price: $42.99

Additional per foot: $42.99

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Intellinet 1-Port Gigabit High-Power PoE+ Injector


Base Price: $

Price: $52.99

Additional per foot: $52.99

One of the best ways to reduce costs with your Ethernet network is by using Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) power injectors from Discount Low Voltage. These PoE injectors enable your existing Cat5 structured cables to transmit both power and data to connected devices.

PoE injectors will allow you to power your network camera, IP phone, wireless access point or any IEEE 802.3af powered device over your existing structured cable line. You save on the cost and installation of an additional AC power line. After you connect the Power over Ethernet injector to the LAN switch port, the Cat5 cabling you already have in place will carry both DC power and data to those devices. You’ll see a dramatic reduction in your wiring costs by employing PoE power injectors.

Our PoE power injector products extend the function of LAN switches that don’t support the new IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. By using the correct model of PoE power injector, you can provide Power over Ethernet capabilities to your older LAN switches. For new or upgrade installations, be sure to check out our supply of 100W PoE Cat5e cable.
Our products include support for PoE+ protocols making use of the gigabit Power over Ethernet Plus signal. The auto-sensing technology in PoE+ ensures the power injector delivers just the right amount of power to the devices. If connected to an 802.3at PoE+ rated device, the cable will deliver 30 watts, while if connected to an 802.3af PoE device, it will deliver 15 watts.


In addition to the savings you will enjoy by harnessing the innovative technology of PoE products, you can take advantage of our free shipping offer for eligible orders. That means you can really ramp up your savings. We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on our Power over Ethernet components. 


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When seeking the best PoE power injector products, contact our customer service team. Our experienced, friendly staff will guide you to the smartest choices for your particular needs. The power injectors we offer will yield a good value over the long run, and our knowledgeable customer support people will help you find exactly the right product in the right quantity.