Power and UPS

Employing the right power management options is important for ensuring the electrical power needed to keep the network running, even in tough conditions, while also maintaining a safe level of power. Look to Discount Low Voltage to provide the best power management solutions that will keep your network safe and running at top performance levels.

Starting with 
UPS systems, Discount Low Voltage has a variety of products, including three-phase, line interactive and standby. Additionally, you’ll be able to select batteries and external battery packs to provide additional features to your UPS systems. For example, we offer line interactive UPS equipment that includes between six and nine outlets, and is designed for critical, power-sensitive electronic environments.

You’ll find surge protection options from Discount Low Voltage in the areas of 
AC surge protection and data line surge protection. The AC surge protection devices we offer include standard, rotating outlet and slimline options, all featuring Minuteman branded products. With our variety of products, you’ll be sure to find just the surge protection product you need, whether it’s a strip or wall tap. Minuteman LineGuard data line surge protection products are available too.

Within the categories of power management and distribution, we have dozens of products available as well, including 
remote power managers and power distribution units. The Discount Low Voltage collection of RPMs includes several Minuteman products with remote on/off management of receptacles. Among the PDUs we offer, you’ll find basic models, surge-protected models and 208-volt models, all of which are Minuteman branded products and many of which include a lifetime warranty.

If your network power management needs have you feeling a bit overwhelmed, the customer service team at Discount Low Voltage is ready to help. Regardless of whether you need UPS systems or remote power managers, our customer service advisors have extensive knowledge in this area of networking, ensuring they can help you pick the right products to fit your network. Additionally, Discount Low Voltage will provide the best prices in the market, along with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.