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Pre-terminated fiber optic cables save you the trouble and expense of terminating cables on site. Let Discount Low Voltage do the work for you. As one of our most popular products, you aren’t alone in wanting to save time and expense.

Our selection of pre-term cables is extensive. We have singlemode and multimode cables, broadcast fiber snakes, RGBHV video snakes, multi-use fiber snakes and MTP assemblies, configured to your installation needs.

Discount Low Voltage has been selling pre-terminated and custom fiber assemblies for over 10 years. A pre-terminated cable will cut your install time by up to 75 percent.

Save the cost of expensive termination and test tools. Our fibers are terminated to your performance and connector needs. They are factory tested to ensure performance. You will receive printed test results for your customer.

Multimode 62.5 pre-terminated cables come in a number of styles for indoor and outdoor applications. Our indoor/outdoor cables are great for a variety of settings, including broadcasting, mining, wireless, building to building connections, transportation, oil and gas industry and more.

Multi-strand MTP cables are specifically designed for high-density fiber networks. Use them when you need fast Ethernet applications.

Need a snake cable for your broadcast, hi-res CAD, animation, editing or special effects equipment? Cables are color-coded for organization.

LC-LC fiber permanent install snakes are ideal for the professional AV and broadcasting fiber optic formats. They come with lashed dust caps on each fiber connector to prevent damage. Fiber snakes are custom made to meet your needs.

If you already have all your cables, but need an easy way to deploy them, Discount Low Voltage has reels with crank handles for easy access and storage.