Discount Low Voltage brings you another high-speed connectivity solution with our selection of QSFP+ to 4XSFP+ passive splitter cables. Made by ConnPro, these cables offer a very cost-effective alternative to optical interface in short-reach situations. They can support data rates of up to 11 Gbps. 

These ConnPro cables boast low power consumption and transmission latency as well as low cross-talk and skew. A pull-to-release latch enables easy cable installation and hot plug, while the S/R design ensures reliable performance even when the cable is bent. This cable is RoHS compliant and 100 percent factory independently tested.


These cable assemblies are designed for data centers, networking and high-performance computing. Applications include network data transmission for servers, switches, routers and hubs; network or external storage systems for data centers; network interface cards and telecommunication equipment; gigabit Ethernet and more. Products include:

• ConnPro QSFP+ (40G) to 4x SFP+ (10G) Passive Splitter Cable 1M 
• ConnPro QSFP+ (40G) to 4x SFP+ (10G) Passive Splitter Cable 2M
• ConnPro QSFP+ (40G) to 4x SFP+ (10G) Passive Splitter Cable 3M
• ConnPro QSFP+ (40G) to 4x SFP+ (10G) Passive Splitter Cable 5M

We typically ship these products 21 business days after getting your order. Call us toll-free if you have any questions about shipping.


We offer a 100 percent guarantee of your satisfaction, so you can buy without worries. Qualifying orders of these cables are eligible for free shipping, and orders shipped outside our home state of California pay no sales tax.

If you want more technical info about these cables, download the spec sheets and data sheets available on each of the product pages. Still have questions? No problem! Just call us toll-free during normal business hours or drop us an email for help you can count on.