Southwire RG59 coax + 18/2 Power Burial Underground Siamese Cable - 1,000ft Spool

Reference#: 72807
Item#: TA-H91319


RG59 Siamese CCTV cable allows cable installers to run both the video and power to security cameras using just a single cable run. This USA made RG59 with 18/2 cable comes on 1000 foot spools. RG59 is cut by you or your installer to the exact length that you need for each CCTV Security camera run. The RG59 portion of the cable is COAX and is used to run the video signal to the security camera. The 18G/2C pair is used to run the AC or DC power to your cameras.


Audio/video wiring for outdoor or underground use, Sunlight UV resistant jacket

Foamed dielectric core over solid copper center conductor, bare copper braid shield, cabled with 2 conductor stranded bare copper SR-PVC insulated, overall LDPE jacket - black.

Intended for outdoor, underground, arial, or conduit use


Length: 1,000ft
AWG: 20 BC
Style/Type: RG59/U + 18/2
Shield: 95% BC
Nom. Vel. Prop: 82
Nom. O.D: .240 X .126
Nom. Imp. OHMS: 75
Avg. Lbs Per Spool: 44
Spec #: H91319.1