RG6 Quad Shield CMR Coax Cable, 1000 FT - BLACK

Reference#: 75133
Item#: WA-RG6QRBK4


RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cables from DLV are designed to support technologies such as extended bandwidth satellite service, high definition TV signals, CATV and two-way cable modems. This quad shield RG6 18AWG Coax Cable has a CMR (riser) rated jacket and is sold in lengths of 1,000 ft.

• Conductor of copper clad steel
• Gas injected foamed polyethylene insulation
• CMR rated Black jacket for indoor riser applications
• Flexible braided 75 ohm coaxial drop cable
• Support analog, digital and high-bandwidth technologies
• Maintains tight tolerances to cable diameter requirements of leading connector manufacturers
• Every master reel is tested for electrical performance compliance
• RoHS compliant
• Polyester - aluminum foil, adhered to the insulation
• Inner braid of aluminum wires
• Overlapped aluminum - polyester - aluminum foil,
• Outer braid of aluminum wires


- 1,000ft length
- Quad Shielded for Superior Performance
- Black in color


Center conductor: 18AWG Solid bare copperweld
Dielectric: Cellular Polyethylene.
Dielectric core O.D: 0.170 in., nominal.
1st shield: Bonded coaxial shielding tape. (100% coverage)
2nd shield: Aluminum braid.
3rd shield: coaxial shielding tape
4th shield: Aluminum braid
Jacket material: Polyvinyl Chloride.
Jacket Color: Black