Server Cabinet Vertical Rail Kits


Some installers prefer 10-32 tapped rail kits, because these pre-tapped mounting rails have threaded holes that accept screws without the need for extra hardware like cage nuts. Others like to go with cage nut style rails, which offer great flexibility thanks to the many types of hardware they can be used with. Whatever preference you have, you can find the style you want when you shop the big selection of server cabinet vertical rail kits available at Discount Low Voltage.


Pick from a big selection of 10-32 tapped rail kits and cage nut style rails at Whichever you choose, you can buy with confidence. These rails are made in the U.S. by Kendall Howard. Constructed of powder-coated, cold-rolled steel, they are sturdy and strong. Choose from heights ranging from 6U to 42U.

Our Kendall Howard 10-32 tapped rail kits can replace the cage nut style rails included with Kendall Howard LINIER fixed and swing-out cabinets. Kendall Howard cage nut style rails can add additional rails to LINIER full-size server cabinets, providing additional mounting points for network, security and other low-voltage electrical equipment. This style is becoming increasingly popular because if installers accidentally strip holes, they can simply replace the cage nuts rather than the entire rails.

These products are backed by the manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty. They usually ship within one to three days of your order.


Our 10-32 tapped rail kits offer the convenience of pre-tapped mounting rails. Because the threaded holes accept screws without other hardware, you save on hardware costs. In addition, you also will benefit from faster installation time. The cage nut style rails, on the other hand, can save you the cost of replacing entire rails if the holes are accidentally stripped.

Many of these products are available with free shipping, if your order meets minimum requirements. In addition, orders shipped outside California pay no sales tax.


Take a look at the product pages to investigate the items you are considering. You will find data sheets, schematics and instruction directions on each page. 

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