Residential Low Voltage Wiring Products

In today’s modern home electricity drives lighting, appliances, entertainment and telecommunication devices. With Smart Home products you can control all of your electrical appliances and features remotely or create a custom schedule.  We proudly a carry an extensive selection of residential Smart Home low voltage wiring products for a wide range of residential electrical applications. Our Smart Home products are designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s top brands to provide you with high-quality solutions for electrical systems in all areas of the home. Read on to learn more about our available products and find the right one for your home from our inventory today!

Comprehensive Products for the Modern Home 

No matter what type of residential electrical solution you’re looking for, chances are we have your solution. That’s because here at Discount Low Voltage, we’ve stocked our inventory with a wide range of brand-name low voltage wiring products designed for all types of residential applications. In our inventory, you’ll find:

Smart Home Control Kits
Remote Door Locks 
On/Off Modules
Lighting Control
Dynacom Structured Media
Z-Wave and USB Ports
Residential Phone Jacks 
Wireless Routers

The brand-name Smart Home products in our inventory are an excellent investment for homeowners looking to maximize the performance of their home electrical systems. Each product is designed for superior reliability and loaded with the industry’s latest features,

Brand Names at Wholesale Prices

Not only are our brand-name low voltage wiring products some of the best in the industry — they’re also available at wholesale prices. We buy directly from manufacturers and eliminate handling fees to offer our customer’s brand-name solutions at wholesale rates. We back each and every product with 100 percent guarantees and comprehensive customer support from our very own in-house team. When it comes to shopping online for your Smart Home electrical equipment, there simply is no better choice. Order with us today and take advantage of free shipping on qualified orders.