2.25" Bundle, Rip-Tie Pivoting Cable Hanger, 1"x9" (10 Pack) - BLACK

Reference#: 72621
Item#: RT-S-P9-010-BLK


Rip-Tie pivoting cable hanger straps, 10 pack. The S-P9-010 cable hanger straps feature a uniquely designed "PIVOTING TIE ATTACHMENT" which allows you to accommodate any angle of cable run.


  • CableHangers are easily released and retied, so adding, subtracting and replacing cables in a snap.
  • Attaches permanently to a vertical post and then wrap around the cable bundle. Keeping grouped runs segregated from each other.
  • Perfect for use in computer room subfloors.
  • 10,000 release cycles.
  • CableHanger sewn by skilled human beings, not heat bonded by a machine
  • USA Made!
  • Easily installs to vertical post with 8" (50lbs) Nylon cable tie