AFL FSM-18S Fusion Splicer Kit w/Battery and Winchester Tri-Loc Camera Modification

Reference#: 72633
Item#: S014798


To address the rapidly expanding market for field installable HDTV cameraconnectors, AFL and Winchester Electronics have partnered to develop a customized Winchester KINGS® brand Fujikura fusion splicing system for installation of the Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Connector for SMPTE 311 hybrid fiber optic cable and the AFL FuseConnect® field installable connectors.

Splicing of the Tri-Loc Camera Connector is performed using a special cable clamping system along with fiber holders designed to accept the Tri-Loc termini. This design allows for the use of a standard length connector housing for the connector. Both the FSM-18S fixed V-groove and FSM-60S core alignment splicer models retain standard splicing functionality while incorporating enhanced features to provide the most reliable fusion splicers in the market today. The rugged construction adds improved reliability by resisting shock, dust and rain.


Modification for splicing Fiber Optic Tri-Loc® Camera Connectors

Special cable clamping system with fiber holders for Tri-Loc termini

Rugged construction ideal for harsh environments

Customization of cable lengths on site / in the field Green friendly – RoHS and WEEE compliant