SFP Gigabit Interface Modules

The Discount Low Voltage collection of SFP gigabit interface modules simplifies the process of extending gigabit Ethernet over copper and multimode or singlemode fiber. The Cisco and Signamax SFP interface modules we offer provide flexibility and affordability. You can deploy the modules in Ethernet switches and media converters that have receptacles for Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP/SFP+) interface modules.

An SFP module is a hot-swappable input and output device for plugging into a gigabit Ethernet port. This device links the port to the fiber-optic network. Each SFP interface module has a working range that varies, depending on the individual module. SFP modules provide a convenient method of adopting gigabit Ethernet in a variety of networking settings, including storage area networks, data centers, campus networks and metropolitan area access networks.

Additionally, each individual SFP gigabit Ethernet interface module supports standards for fiber connectivity, such as the IEEE 802.3z standard. Check the specification list or with Discount Low Voltage’s customer service personnel to make sure you’re receiving the exact components you need.

The options in our 
two-strand SFP gigabit Ethernet interface modules include Signamax branded devices with spans up to 110 kilometers. We also carry a hardened, high-temperature range version designed to operate in industrial environments with operating temperature ranges of -40 0C to +85 0C. We sell Cisco branded SFP modules too.

Among single-strand products, Discount Low Voltage offers bi-directional 
WDM and CWDM SFP gigabit Ethernet fiber interface modules and WDM 100BaseFX/BX SFP modules. These modules provide a cost effective means of providing changeable gigabit Ethernet or SONET OC-12 single-fiber, single-mode interfaces to switches and media converters equipped with a standard SFP slot.

If you need help figuring out exactly which SFP gigabit interface modules your network requires, consult with the friendly 
customer service personnel at Discount Low Voltage. Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team knows how to maximize your networking budget, ensuring you receive the proper equipment you need at the best prices with the fastest delivery times. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed with all orders and products from Discount Low Voltage. Remember, free shipping on qualified orders over $200.