Corning SPH-01P Single Panel Enclosure

Reference#: 69247
Item#: COR-SPH-01P


The Corning Cable Systems Single Panel Housing (SPH-01P) is a cost-effective housing for storage, protection and termination of optical fiber cables. Accepting standard LANscape Solutions CCH Connector Panels, the housing offers protection for the fiber cable and connectors in the physical plant. This compact unit is ideal for use in locations such as building entrance terminals, wiring closets, open office and other controlled environments where space is a premium.

This is the smallest housing offered by Corning, as the wall-mounted Single Patch Panel Enclosure is just 1.5 inches tall. The holder can house up to 12 fibers through a combination of heat-shrink splices and interconnected or cross-connected cables. It uses top and bottom entry grommets for the cables to seal them against environmental factors and SC locking connectors that are simple to use.

The Corning SPH is a fiber cable housing solution for mid-size customer premises or for routing networks to remote locations. The 6-slot splice holder can be configured to whatever your 12-fiber network needs for splicing and cross-connecting. Use our pre-terminated fiber with your enclosure or custom crimp and splice wire. Discount Low Voltage ships most orders within one business day and has expedited shipping options. For more panels plus accessories to modify your housing, go to our Corning Enclosures page.

Corning fiber optic enclosures are easy to install, can be adapted to your circumstances and are built to withstand hard use and impacts. The resulting savings in labor and maintenance come on top of our wholesale prices and free shipping on qualifying orders.

Contact us by phone or email to learn more about how the Corning Single Panel Enclosure can help you get the best results for small fiber optic networks. The “Videos” section and spec sheet have helpful information as well.


Includes a 6-slot, 0.4in splice holder accommodating up to 12 heat-shrink splices

Can be used for splice management, cross-connect or both for up to 12 fibers

1.5-in projection from the wall minimizes space requirements-Corning Cable Systems smallest offering (2.0-in including plungers)

Excellent for interconnect and cross-connect functions

* Must use corning insert panels


Accepts Corning CCH fiber panel inserts only