Specified Technologies Closet Flange Firestop Gasket

Reference#: 73331
Item#: CF34


CF34 Closet Flange Firestop Gasket (sold individually)

A one-piece, molded rubber, intumescent pad that installs beneath a 3” or 4” (76 mm or 102 mm) closet flange to effectively firestop the opening. No caulk to clean. Installs from the top, saving labor.

SpecSeal CF34 Closet Flange Firestop Gaskets are one-piece, molded rubber, intumescent pads that install beneath a 3 or 4” (76 or 102 mm) closet flange to effectively firestop the opening. The die cut rubber gasket is perforated to delineate removable inserts sized to accommodate various outer diameters of toilet flanges.

Traditional firestopping methods require the firestop material to be applied around the pipe prior to setting the toilet flange, which can be problematic if the firestop material is not recessed a sufficient distance from the top to accommodate the throat of the flange. The alternative is to apply the firestopping from the underside of the floor, necessitating the use of ladders or lifts. SpecSeal® Closet Flange Firestop Gaskets solve the problem by providing a labor-friendly method of properly firestopping the opening.

Common Applications:

  • Designed to allow the drain pipe connected to a toilet flange to be properly firestopped without the need for firestop caulk for typical floor assemblies with plastic or metal pipes
  • Iron toilet flange and drain pipe
  • PVC & ABS toilet flange and drain pipe
  • Features

  • Seamless fit for fast, easy installation with no tools required
  • Lower installed cost
  • Foolproof installations
  • Installs from the top, saving labor
  • No caulk to clean up
  • Always ready to use. No shelf life. No caulk tubes to dry out.
  • UL Classified. Code compliant
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