Specified Technologies Wood Frame Intumescent Sealant 10.1 oz. Tube

Reference#: 73484
Item#: WF310


WF300 Intumescent Firestop Caulk

Designed for use in sealing through-penetrations and gaps in wood frame construction.

Type WF300 Caulk is a latex based, high solids firestop caulk. This material, when properly installed, effectively seals penetration openings in wood frame construction against the spread of fire, smoke and combustion by-products.

Type WF300 Caulk is a single stage intumescent. When exposed to elevated temperatures, WF300 expands rapidly to seal off voids left by the burning or melting of combustible materials.

Type WF300 Caulk is storage stable (when stored according to manufacturer’s recommendations) and will not separate or shrink when dried. WF300 adheres tenaciously to common construction materials such as lumber and gypsum board as well as typical penetrant materials.


  • Economical – delivers maximum fire protection at the right price
  • Water-Based – easy installation, clean-up and disposal
  • Water-Resistant – will not re-emulsify
  • Intumescent – expansion fills gaps or voids caused by wood shrinkage, or burning or melting of combustible materials.
  • Meets ASTM E814 (ANSI/UL 1479)
  • Acoustically tested – reduces noise transmission

    Common Applications:
  • Type WF300 Caulk is used to seal through penetrations and gaps in fire resistance rated wood frame construction such as floor/ceilings and walls or partitions. Most common penetrating items were successfully tested with WF300.
  • Specification

    Color: Red
    Odor: Mild Latex
    Density: 11.4 lbs/gal (1.36 kg/L)
    Solids Content: 0.81
    pH 7.4 to 8.4
    Max In Service Temperature 120º F (49º C)
    Flame Spread 0*
    Smoke Developed 20*
    STC Rating (ASTM E90/ASTM C919) 61
    VOC Content
    (EPA Method 24/ASTM D3960) 33.3 lb/gal. (40.0 g/L)
    Expansion Begins 350º F (176º C)
    Volume Expansion: >5X Free Expansion
    Shelf Life: 2 Years