Firestop Pillow 3"x6"x9"

Reference#: 73451
Item#: SSB36


SSB36 3"x6"x9" Intumescent Firestop Pillows

Compressible cushions can be easily installed and removed. The perfect firestop solution for medium to large openings including cable bundles, cable trays, bus ducts and multiple conduits.

SSB36 Pillows are the basis for systems that meet the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479) as well as the time-temperature requirements of ASTM E119 (UL263). Tested systems will provide up to three-hour rating for penetrations through concrete, CMU, or concrete tilt-up walls, as well as concrete or concrete over steel deck floors. Additional systems have been tested up to three hours in gypsum board walls.
AIR LEAKAGE: Tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories for air leakage at ambient and elevated temperatures (400°F (204˚C)) indicate that properly installed pillows seal penetrations virtually airtight.

Common Applications:

  • Medium to large openings through common constructions
  • Loose cable for power, voice, data
  • Single or multiple cable trays for power, voice, data
  • Multiple metallic conduits & tubing
  • Multiple, mixed penetrants of all types
  • Bust ducts
  • Features

  • Intumescent – expands in all directions for a tough, tight seal
  • Re-installable for easy retrofitting of cables
  • Single side application makes installation easy for tough access openings
  • Heat-sealed poly cover protects core and makes pillows slide in and out with ease
  • Superior air leakage ratings!
  • Broad base of tested systems
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