DFS1-00-04XU (800PX)(284px).jpg

AFL DFS1 PC/UPS Inspection Kit


Base Price: $

Price: $1,894.99

Additional per foot: $1,894.99

OW-FS400 (284 px).jpg

OWL 400x Fiber Optic Field Microscope


Base Price: $

Price: $118.00

Additional per foot: $118.00


AFL FOCIS WiFi2 Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System


Base Price: $

Price: $1,495.00

Additional per foot: $1,495.00

Just as the weakest link in a chain can make it break, so can a tiny amount of dust, dirt and debris cause major issues within a fiber optics system. Dirty connectors could cause problems with data transmission or even damage components, leading to costly repairs.

The Fiber Optic and Video Microscopes and Wi-Fi Kits from Discount Low Voltage offer you affordable and efficient ways to visually inspect lots of different types of connectors. These scopes will permit you to discover defects such as scratches on connectors as well as to find minuscule bits of dust and dirt that can cause major problems. Simply touching a connector with your hand can leave traces of dirty bodily oils and even pieces of skin visible through these microscopes. Then it’s a simple matter to clean them for optimal performance and longevity of the system. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to inspect and clean equipment every time a connection is made.

We carry a range of tools, running from economical field inspection scopes to video inspection scopes that let you to see a large image on a PC screen. Our scopes can fit any budget and project. Questions? Call our team toll-free or email us for quick answers.