Analog Surveillance

Analog surveillance is the oldest form of video surveillance that exists. As such, it is often considered to be the most reliable and easiest to use. Analog surveillance systems (also called CCTV or closed circuit television systems) record video through a camera and transmit that video via cabled sine waves to monitors for real-time viewing or to DVRs for storage.
Many business owners elect to use analog systems for their ease of use, reliability and low cost. Here at Discount Low Voltage we carry a wide selection of today’s latest analog surveillance equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Read on to learn more about the advantages and features of analog surveillance systems, and order from our inventory today!

Why Analog?

Analog surveillance technology has several clear advantages over newer alternatives that make it a great choice to this day. Among these advantages are set-up versatility and product compatibility. IP (internet protocol) surveillance alternatives are limited to 100 meters of cabling between cameras and networking hardware limiting its configuration options. IP surveillance equipment is also designed to work with specific network protocol, which means that different IP cameras and NVR brands are sometimes incompatible. With analog surveillance, there are much greater length limits and most equipment can be mixed and matched to work in any system.

Perhaps the most important benefit of analog surveillance systems is reliability. IP surveillance systems are at the mercy of their networks, which can sometimes experience difficulties or fail altogether. Analog systems simply need power and they’re ready to go. Plus, they’re significantly more affordable than IP alternatives.

Comprehensive Analog Surveillance Solutions

Discount Low Voltage carries a comprehensive selection of the latest analog surveillance equipment from brand-name manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a specific type of camera, DVR or other analog accessory, you’ll find what you need here in our inventory. Browse our categories below and find the perfect product for your analog system with us today! Remember – free shipping on qualified orders.