Reference#: 73275

Item#: ZK-ML10-G-BT

Item Weight: lb
Price: $420.00
Base Price: $
Additional per foot: Price: $420.00


ML10 biometric fingerprint door lock is a Smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology is easy to program and install, as no wiring is required. It’s a plug ‘n play replacement to your old “lock & key” door knob. Registering users with their fingerprints is also quick and easy. Each ML10 door lock can store and recognize up to 40 users. The ML10-B operates the very same way as does our ML10 (fingerprint door lock). However, this ML10-B version is additionally equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology that allows for remote control capability. ML10’s next generation fingerprint recognition technology means authorized users never have to worry about accidental lockout because ML10 requires no keys nor codes which can be forgotten or lost. Users simply touch the fingerprint sensor to open the door. It is extremely secure, as authorized users don’t share their key or code because their fingerprint becomes their key and code! ML10 users’ registration data remains safely stored in the device, even in the event of a total power outage, so there is never a need to re-enroll users. And, there’s no need to change the locks when a previously authorized user is no longer permitted door access. Ideal for residential and small business applications, the ML10’s door handle, latch and strike are reversible for either left or right-handed preference. Its Do-it-Yourself design makes upgrading to ML10 swift and simple. Powered by four AA alkaline batteries, the ML10 signals an audible warning when it’s time to replace the batteries. And, in the unlikely event of a total power loss, ML10 can still be operated manually by a traditional metal key which ships along with the ML10 and instructional guide.


- Rugged, sleek and compact design

- American standard single latch for easy replacement and installation

- Independent clutch motor design under patent protection

- Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry

- Registration data are stored even if there is power loss 

- Handle,latch and strike is reversible design for all door open direction

- Infrared sensor Touch to open

- Emergency key override (concealed)

- LED indicator and built in buzzer

- External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery 

- Low battery warning

- Normal Open mode

- Easy to program and easy to use

- Easy to install–no wiring required 3 user groups – Admin, Normal User and Temporary User

- Backset is 60 mm or 70mm (adjustable)

- Gold in color

- ML10-B version is additionally equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology that allows for remote control capability