HD-SDI Surveillance

If you’re like most business owners, you understand the importance of video surveillance for your property. Surveillance not only dissuades criminal activity, but gives you video evidence should it occur on your premises.
If you are concerned about the quality of your surveillance recordings, it may be time to upgrade your system. At Discount Low Voltage, we carry a selection of HD-SDI surveillance equipment capable of capturing and saving surveillance videos in resolutions as high as 1080p. Read on to learn more about the many advantages of HD-SDI surveillance and order your brand-name equipment at wholesale prices from our team today!

Surveillance Redefined: The HD Difference

HD-SDI surveillance equipment offers high-definition video recording for residential and commercial surveillance systems to ensure better video quality at all hours of the day. Should any criminal activity or video-worthy occurrences happen in front of your cameras, you’ll likely want them to be recorded in the highest resolution possible, making HD-SDI the easy choice for your property’s surveillance system. For added convenience, HD-SDI surveillance equipment can be installed without any cabling changes made to your older analog system. All that is necessary is an HD-SDI DVR box for recorded video storage (available in several storage sizes below).

HD-SDI Surveillance at Discount Low Voltage

When resolution matters, there is no better choice for your video surveillance system than HD-SDI surveillance. And when brand-name quality and affordable pricing matter, there is no better place to shop than right here at Discount Low Voltage. We carry the latest in HD-SDI security cameras, DVRs and other recording accessories including lenses and baluns. Browse our brand-name selection below and make the change to high-definition surveillance with us today!