Signamax Keystone Industrial DIN-Rail Mounting Module w/o Side Lids

Reference#: 73495


Signamax Keystone Industrial DIN-Rail Mounting Modules afford an opportunity to combine advantages of regular keystone jack design* and transmission performance with simplicity and usability of industrial DIN-rail mounting systems.

State-of-the-art module's design provides all kinds of features usually found in office work area solutions, - universal labeling, protection covers, "front access," "gravity compensation" for patch cords along with such important for the industrial applications aspects as tool-less mounting and replacement of connector modules, quick access to any part of the assembly. Additionally, modules allow installing screened jacks without any extra efforts, parts, and tools.

* See "Specifications" tab and "Picture 4" for keystone jack compatibility.

Non-Shielded Applications:
We recommend using Dynacom Kwik Jacks with the DIN-Rail Mounting Modules. Economical keystone jacks sold here and on other website will not fit this module. You must use the narrow design, or high density jacks.

Shielded Applications:
For shielded applications, the metal spring serves as a grounding contact and path for screened jacks. The Signamax KJS458MT-C5E Cat5e, Signamax KJS458MT-C6C Cat6 and Signamax KJS458MT-C6AC Cat6A shielded inserts WILL fit in the KI-DIN-RMM. Dynacom shielded jacks will NOT fit.


- Designed for standard 35-mm wide DIN rails
- Accommodates most keystone jacks up to 17 mm (0.67 in) wide
- Metal spring serves two purposes - secure retention of all keystone jack types, and grounding contact and path for screened jacks
- Clear plastic labeling window
- Front hinged hatch protects keystone jack from damage and contamination when it is not used
- Swinging cassette with latching mechanism allows quick and easy installation and removal of the keystone jack
- Installation does not require special tools or threaded fastening - the module snaps-on the DIN rail
- Cable entry points are equipped with noses supporting required cable bend radii and protecting cables from deformation
- Equipment or patch cord connection angle provides for cord stress compensation caused by the cord's weight
- Keystone Jack not included


Compatible Keystone Jacks:
- Dynacom Kwik Jacks
- Signamax Shielded Jacks

NON Compatible Keystone Jacks:
- Classic Series Keystone Jacks
- Economical Keystone Jacks
- Dynacom Shielded Jacks