Singlemode 9/125 Fiber Cable

Singlemode 9/125 fiber cable is an excellent choice for high-speed networks that need to span a great distance. This cable has a narrower core than multimode cable, giving you faster transmission speeds and a greater range. Because it can carry signals up to 50 times farther than multimode fiber optic cable, singlemode fiber optic cable is often used over long distances for high-bandwidth applications. Singlemode fiber cable is popular with universities, telephone companies, CATV firms and many other businesses.

If you have a project that requires singlemode fiber optics, look no further than Discount Low Voltage. Our single-mode 9/125 indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable is available in a range of styles to suit just about any application. This cable has a low dispersion rate with no signal degrading, meaning devices can send data, video and audio at 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds even when they are miles away from each other. Because we can cut the cable to length with our advanced machinery, we can provide you the exact amount you need without waste.


At Discount Low Voltage, you’ll find singlemode cable to fit virtually any project. This equipment is made by leading names in the field like Corning, OCC and AFL. They are available in dozens of configurations such as:

Indoor plenum fiber optic cable

Indoor/outdoor riser singlemode cable
Direct burial cable
Self-supporting aerial cable
2-fiber patch cord cables
6-144 strand singlemode cables

Basic indoor 9/125 fiber optic cables are ideal for very large commercial buildings, factories and college dorms. We offer them for general-purpose, plenum, riser and duct installations. Our indoor/outdoor singlemode cables are a good choice for all-around use. These cables provide ease of installation inside and feature outer jackets that provide UV, fungus and flame protection for applications outdoors. Our 6-, 12- and 24-fiber versions are good for small-to-medium networks, while 72-strand and 144-strand fiber cables can support hundreds, even thousands, of users at blazing speeds.

For extreme conditions, browse our selection of aerial/burial in duct cables that protect against many environmental hazards. These include rugged options such as the AFL Tactical/Broadcast Tight-Buffered Cables made to resist repeated impacts and harsh conditions. Direct burial singlemode cables the toughest cables available, specifically designed to be installed underground without conduits, risers or ductwork. We also carry a wide range of aerial figure-8 cables that come with a messenger cable to reduce installation time as well as duplex and simplex patch cord fibers for linking runs together.

VALUE sells our singlemode fiber optic cables by the foot by using high-tech machinery to cut each cable to order. In addition to benefiting from our everyday discounted prices, you can also take advantage of quantity discounts on some of our singlemode cables. You can buy with confidence reinforced by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell.


If you have questions about which cable is right for you, we’re only a toll-free phone call or email away. We’re here to help you get the job done efficiently and professionally at the lowest cost possible. You can visit our blog 24/7 as well for expert tips or download manufacturer datasheets, watch demonstration videos and get other information from the product page for different cables.