Singlemode Pre-Terminated Fiber


If you are installing single-mode fiber and either don’t know how to terminate fiber optic cable or are concerned about the worry, time and expense of terminating fiber optic cable yourself, the pre-terminated single-mode fiber optic cable assemblies from Discount Low Voltage offer you an easy way out of your dilemma. These pre-terminated cables can save you up to 75 percent in installation time as well as an equal percentage of headaches and labor costs. 

We have been terminating SM fiber for more than 10 years in our state-of-the-art facility, so you can be assured of quality results. In fact, we have pre-terminated cable for more than 15,000 satisfied customers. We offer quick turnaround and surprisingly low prices on these smart solutions, and can customize your order to your exact specifications.


You can choose from a huge variety of pre-terminated SM fiber optic cable. Indoor non-armored, outdoor non-armored and indoor/outdoor non-armored cables are available pre-terminated. We can also pre-terminate indoor armored or outdoor armored direct burial/aerial cable for you. In addition, we offer ADSS self-supporting aerial as well as broadcast deployable multi-use fiber snakes with pre-terminations. 

We can provide these cables with ST, SC or LC connectors. They come with sturdy pulling eyes or rings to make installation easier. Shipping times vary, but usually we can ship in one to five business days.


By using our pre-terminated SM cables, you will save a substantial amount of time on installations. This means you will need fewer technicians at the job site, which translates to increased efficiency. Our cables are pre-tested and shipped with test results, so you can count on quality while saving the cost of expensive testing tools. Qualifying orders are eligible for free shipping, and orders shipped outside California don’t pay sales tax.


The product pages include short videos explaining the benefits of pre-termination. Downloadable manufacturers’ spec sheets are also available on these pages. 

If you’re wondering which of these many options is right for your project, don’t be shy. Call or email us during normal business hours. Our friendly, expert staff will help you chart the best way forward.