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Power [Red] Omni Marker II Marker Ball (169.8 kHz)
Tempo Electronic markers are a low-cost, reliable way to mark buried utilities and other plant, making it easy for contractors to find the exact location of critical components like fittings and splices, while helping to avoid expensive damage and unfortunate accidents. Omni Marker II from Tempo Communications builds upon three decades of experience with the original Omni Marker from Greenlee Communications, providing the same reliability and range in a more compact package. With no active components or potentially hazardous fluids, Omni Marker II can be located by all compatible marker locators. Dig Safe. Dig Right. Save Time.

How Does The Omni Marker II Work?
The passive marker uses a magnetic antenna. It consists of an inductive coil acting as an antenna and capacitance allowing the LC circuit to resonate at the precise working frequency. Tempo Communications markers are passive antennas with no power or active components. The marker derives its energy from the magnetic field of the detector.

Their housing is made of the same high-density polyethylene as the majority of buried plant, very robust, waterproof, and resistant to the action of chemicals and temperature hazards. The markers are interoperable since they operate on well-defined frequencies according to industry standards: 145.7 kHz for drinking water, 101.4 kHz for telecommunications, 83 kHz for gas, etc.

The markers are detected by induction (without contact, from above the surface). This non-intrusive technique makes it possible to locate all pipelines, regardless of their nature. This enhances the quality of any survey carried out before work; helping to reduce confusion and enhance safety.

Marking your networks: <1%* of the overall cost of a project. Less than the cost of pulling out a pipeline!

By positioning them throughout the network and using complementary solutions (marker detector and GPS plus GIS database), they can be mapped, point by point, with GPS coordinates (X,Y) and the depth of the network (Z).
*According to studies conducted by Tempo Communications. May be changed without notice

Save money and buy a full box of 52085011 Omni Marker Balls! Any purchase of 30 pieces or more qualifies for reduced pricing.


Compatible with All Marker Locators
Because Omni Marker II uses industry standard frequencies, they will work with any electronic marker locating devices.
Ask your sales representative about the EML100 Marker-Mate Locator which can detect them all with it’s unique “scan” mode.

Easily Located Up To 5 ft. Away
The Red OM-09 Omni Marker II provides a strong field that is easy to detect months or years later, with a signal peak directly above the marker for precise location within inches.

No need to stay level when buried
The Omni Marker II has a patented self-leveling coil assembly which means you can “fit and forget”. Attach the marker to the service and backfill. The coil will settle to give a precision location directly above.

Lightweight, with No Hazardous Chemicals
The Omni Marker II contains no potentially hazardous chemicals. This eliminates the need for material safety data sheets. Plus, the Omni Marker II’s durable, lightweight design keeps your shipping and storage costs low while giving you years of reliable service.

Passive, High Reliability Design Assures Many Years of Service
The Omni Marker II contains no batteries or active components, and is built using the same high-reliability, long life materials as its predecessor ensuring that these markers will last as long as your buried plant.


Size: 4.0 inch diameter (100 mm) Min.
Shipping Weight: 11.3 lbs per carton of 30 (sold individually)
Range: 5 feet typical (1.5 meters)
Field Type: Vertical dipole
Package Material: High-density polyethylene
Application: Power [Red], Model # OM-09, Frequency 169.8 kHz